The National Certification Board is very technically advanced.  We have professionals who work for us who are the best in their field.  We have the most high tech cutting edge simplistic labs.  We have 3 technical labs each with different jobs.  The Pebble Lab, is where professionals sandblast and program pebbles.  Each pebble has a different "personality" which is more and more evident as the pebble ages.  Our second lab, is The Octo-Hovercoat Lab.  This lab is the most technologically advanced of all the labs, as there is equipment and professionals here that bond hovering raincoats with the spines on octopii.  This is a tedious and lengthily process but in the end, it is worth it.   Our third lab, "The Karl Lab", takes care of weapons manufacturing and research.  Here biological, chemical, and atomic warheads are produced for use in our sandblasted pebbles and octo-hovercoats.