Space Stations

Russia, after their alliance with The National Certification Board, is not longer concerned with the American/Russian "friendship" which was evident with the MIR space station.  Through the alliance we have acquired this space station for the use of The National Certification Board and Russia.  We have begun work on a new space station alongside Russia, the MiRGHA.  This space station will triple, if not quadruple the technology present in the MIR space station.  This new super station is based on a spherical design.   This space station will have gravity, as well as a constant supply of air through a reactor in the centre of the station.  It will be equipped with a super defense system that will protect from any American attacks.  It is also equipped with an offensive system for when we feel it is needed.

Here are images of the MIR space station, and one of our newer space station which is still under development.

MIR3D.gif (131283 bytes)

Here is a 3-Dimensional animation of the exterior of the MIR space station.

image94.gif (24984 bytes)

Here is a picture of a space shuttle connected with MIR.

mir_drawing.GIF (5386 bytes)

Here is a drawing of the MIR space station.

death-st.jpg (73150 bytes)

Here his the MiRGHA under development in space.   That ship you see flying towards us is a surveillance vessel and those little balls with panels on them harness energy from the sun for us to use on this behemoth of a station.