Speed of Light Experiments

To run these experiments we used a team of professionals and a cloned Einstein inside of a mega physicist robot.  The robots name was Einsteineykins, and rightly so, since it was a cloned Einstein brain which we bombarded with electronic charges assembled to teach Einsteineykins a ot about physics and chemistry.  On this page I will discuss some of the things we have done, and how they apply to things we plan on doing sometime in the future if needed.  So far we have discovered light can be slowed down using a Bose-Einstein condensate as a tool for this purpose.  We have taken light and bent it, and shone it at the ground to bend shadows.  We have shone light at the ground to take away shadows.  We have shone ground at the light for the shadows to take place in a series of grounding maneuvers.   We possess a lot of technology in the light shining field.

Here are some pictures of things related to these experiments.

surghawk.JPG (13201 bytes)

Here is a picture of two professionals putting the Einstein cloned brain into Einsteineykins.

brain.jpg (10633 bytes)

A cloned Einstein Brian before installation into Einsteineykins.

prof1.jpg (19072 bytes)

Here Einsteineykins has a little fun in the lab with some some  professionals, do not worry, that professionals back is okay.

prof2.jpg (20179 bytes)

Here some professionals and Einsteineykins are getting ready to run a few tests.

prof3.jpg (21311 bytes)

Einsteineykins and professionals after their first successful depletion of the speed of light to make the ground touch a shadow.