Sandblasted Pebbles

Eight years ago a special project was begun by The National Certification Board.  The project, code named "Operation X", was originally meant to find a way to eliminate the need for labourers by using robots that used professionally sandblasted pebbles as super semi-conductors.  The National Certification Board soon found these pebbles could actually be programmed.  With teams of professionals they soon programmed artificial intelligence into these tiny pebbles.  These pebbles were now as smart, if not smarter than  human beings, as the professionals had programmed extra senses into these pebbles.  The pebbles almost rebelled against the professionals at one point as they didn't want to be labourers.   The professionals decided they would use these pebbles as weapons delivery systems.   The code was more and more refined until this year.  Now they believe they have worked out all, if not close to all, of the bugs.  These pebbles are the most lethal weapons delivery system on earth, even more so than the Russian's octo-hovercoats.   They have the ability to store 16 warheads, and are the main weapons delivery system of the Russian/National Certification Board alliance.

Here is a picture of some professionally programmed sandblasted pebbles.

MA98sand4.jpg (22920 bytes)