In the early nineties, communism gone, Russia didn't have much of a military power.  Scientists there decided that if they were going to pose a threat to the United States, they would have to be inconspicuous.   Thus, "Operation RC 1289" was started.  Jimmy "Raincoat" Jackson originally came up with the idea of a robotic raincoat in the late eighties, and what and idea it was.  Russia adopted this wonderful idea and soon Russian scientists alongside Jimmy "Raincoat" Jackson began producing robotic raincoats that could be used as surveillance tools, and later, harbour chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.  These raincoats they would then ship to the U.S. where businessmen would purchase them.  The operation was ready to be launched in 1995 but they decided not to attack just yet, because of the possibilities they would be attacked by a more advanced American weapon.  The Russian scientists were furious by the fact they worked so long on something only to see it rejected, so, they asked the Russian government if they could add a biological aid to these already lethal raincoats and make them the most advanced weapons delivery system know.  The government gave the ok.  The Russian scientists began bonding their already existing Hovering Raincoats with the spines of blue octopii.  This Bio-Technical hybrid is and continues to be one of the most lethal weapons delivery systems on earth, second only to The National Certification Board's Sandblasted Pebbles.

Here are pictures of the original hovering raincoats and pic of  one of  the new hovering-octocoats.

hcprt1.jpg (19393 bytes)

Here you can see a man testing the hovering capabilities of one of the original prototype hovering raincoats.

hc1.jpg (19763 bytes)

Here are some completed hovercoats ready to ship, there code names are at the bottom.

ohc1.jpg (14093 bytes)

Here is one of Russia's newest octo-hovercoats, this one has the ability to store 3 surveillance mechanisms as well as 3 warheads.