Biological Warheads

The National Certification Board and Russia realize that biological war could be a reality.  We have taken measures to protect ourselves from many virusses which have a potential to be introduced to us.  We have creted a virus that can kill almost any human being on this planet, earth.  We have also created a vaccine for it.  This was a very long project which has been around since the beginning of our organization.  We do not believe any of us should be contacted for consultation.  Do not regard this as a petty threat from a terrorist organization.  These biological warheads were made on special farms professionally desgined specifically for this purpose.  it is rumoured professionals bonded slime from the insides of certain fruits into the metal that was used to build these farms.   Making the farms, bilogical in a sense themselves.  This is an example of what we can and will unleash on the citizens of earth if provoked.

Here are pictures of some of our warheads.

couple.jpg (10925 bytes)

Here are two biological warheads that we have been working on for quite some time.  The National Certification Board thinks these may be the most lethal type of all the ones they have.  The names of these two are OWH-1 and OWH-2.

musto.jpg (19787 bytes)

Here is one of our conventional biological warheads.