The National Certification Board officially began their aerobus project in 1986.  They decided that land and sea busses were becoming obsolete and they needed something that was sort of like a bus, held about as many people, but flew.  They completed the project in 1992 and unveiled three first aerobus, the "ab-276".  Since then The National Certification Board's aerobus technology has gotten better and better.  Our aerobusses now come equipped with the best sandblasted pebbles if they ever need protection, and every passenger has access to a Russian octo-hovercoat.  There are also one manned Aerobusses that are used for reconnaissance and bombing. The National Certification Board warns other countries not to try and replicate aerobus technology.   Humans trying to fly can, and will result in deaths.

Here are some pictures of our various Aerobusses.

student_aleshia_KiteSm.jpg (6620 bytes)

Here is one of our first aero busses being tested in 1986, even then it is more advanced than anyone in the world has now.

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By 1987 we were getting more and more advanced, as you can see by this pic here.

COA_727.jpg (27011 bytes)

As you can see our technology advances quickly.   This is one of our "AB-172" aerobusses in the year 1990.  Behind it is an AB-272.  These aerobusses are all in one of our brand new areas we chose to call "AeroBus Ports".  They consist of long "landing strips" where the aerobusses can come in for a smooth and safe landing.

rafale.jpg (5916 bytes)

Heres a picture of one of our one manned aeroubus recon/fighting aerobusses.  These are brand new for The National Certification Board in 1999 and have never been attempted before this time.  The technology in this Aerobus is very advanced and created by professionals.  Do not try to replicate it.